IT System Audits

Infrastructure Assessment

Network Assessment

Cloud Assessment

Disaster Recovery Assessment

Infrastructure, Cloud and Disaster Recovery Assessments

Whether you are just looking for some peace of mind or wanting someone to critique your existing IT providers, Starboard IT can help.

Our engineers will attend site and will audit everything from your power, cooling and rack layout through to operational efficiencies and security configurations. We will even advise on your cloud readiness and optimisation for various cloud services.

All findings, risks and recommendations will be based on current industry best practices, clearly documented and published for your review in easy to understand language so that you can prioritise where to invest time, money and energy.

Our 4 Pillar Approach

Discover Why Your Business Needs an IT Strategy

Starboard IT can help your company align its strategic and technology goals. Companies that align business and technical goals gain efficiencies and agility that directly affects the bottom line.

We’ll help you to start thinking about IT business alignment by offering a free assessment examining several strategic areas of your business. Call to arrange your free assessment – it will have a very positive effect on your business!

Free IT Infrastructure Assessment

How will you get where you want your company’s IT infrastructure to be in the future, if you aren’t able to assess where you are right now? Starboard IT will provide a map of your infrastructure and based upon our discussions with you, we’ll also provide a recommended roadmap for making your IT infrastructure suited to your business now AND into the future.

Free Cloud Feasibility Assessment

Cloud computing is a hot topic these days. Some businesses stand to gain a great deal through cloud services, but some are better off waiting. Starboard IT will help you determine where you fit in. Where appropriate, we will devise a strategy for utilizing cloud-computing by examining your business and IT infrastructure, creating a cloud-computing roadmap to fit your business needs.  We will help you take advantage of technologies available today, and prepare you for emerging technologies of tomorrow.

Free Disaster Recovery Plan Assessment

How ready is your Disaster Recovery Plan? Have you ever tested its readiness?  Studies show that more than 25% of businesses that suffer a significant data loss never recover from these types of catastrophes. Starboard IT will review your Disaster Recovery Plan to test its readiness, highlight any gaps and advise on any optimisations we feel are necessary to ensure continuity of your business.