Cost-effective, agile, mobile IT


Being a ‘cloud first’ company ourselves, we have an intimate understanding of the tangible benefits that cloud services can bring to an organisation.

Whether it’s to reduce spend on physical hardware, minimise your data centre footprint, enhance IT security or enable employee mobility, our team of consultants can help you understand the enormous breadth of services available within the cloud and map them to real business outcomes.


Public, Private & Hybrid

We can work with private and public cloud models, or a mix of both. By assessing the cloud suitability of an organisations’ IT environment we can ensure optimal placement of workloads so that services are always available to users and customers when they need them.

MS Azure, Amazon Web Services

A number of factors can influence the decision to commit to a cloud service. We can be your trusted advisor, providing expert guidance on renowned and trusted cloud computing platforms, from Microsoft or Amazon, to deliver cost effective outcomes for your organisation.

Cloud meeting facilities

The rapid growth of video conferencing from anywhere has generated demand for the same experience in the office. Utilising Microsoft Teams Rooms devices we can transform the meeting room of old into an easy to use, inclusive collaboration space. This can provide a consistent collaboration experience in Microsoft Teams across your entire organisation, whether staff are at home, on the road or in a conference room.

MS 365

Microsoft 365 is a constantly evolving beast that some businesses may find difficult to reign in. Services are constantly being tweaked and new features introduced every month. Our team of experts have intimate knowledge of the platform, from basic security policy establishment, to license optimisation or even complex Modern Device Management solutions centred on a zero-trust security model. We can design and manage M365 solutions to transform your workforce into a highly mobile and secure productivity machine.

Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service

SaaS, IaaS & PaaS can be confusing. Which one to choose? We provide the advice and technical expertise, mapping services to business outcomes whilst maintaining security and cost effectiveness. We can take the hassle out of managing these services, ensuring they are performing optimally for your business. And with the constant evolution of cloud services, we can be there to advise you when these changes may impact you, or even present an opportunity.