Optimised, monitored and maintained


IT infrastructure can consist of any number of servers, network devices or storage arrays. With the growth of capabilities in the cloud it may even include a mix of IaaS and PaaS. We can optimise, monitor, maintain and refresh your critical IT Infrastructure, no matter where it is located.

From alerting of critical events to performance optimisation or even working with your business to develop a technology roadmap, we can remove the burden of infrastructure management.



Whether on-premise, public or private cloud or hybrid, your servers power your IT operations. We can help to review and assess your current server infrastructure to ensure it is doing its job in fulfilling your business objectives.

We can deploy, configure, manage and maintain your server infrastructure, ensuring security, performance and availability to minimise any chance of downtime.

Networking and SD-WAN

Is your IT network stable, robust and secure? Some companies never recover from downtime and the loss of productivity and trade following a network outage.

Our advanced network management solution provides comprehensive monitoring for critical network devices such as routers, switches, wireless and firewalls. Monitoring can pinpoint security threats, hotspots, bottlenecks, bandwidth limitations etc. Proactive maintenance ensures the continued smooth operations of your network.

If your network has become too complex and unwieldly we can advise on the newest solutions in SD-WAN, SD-Internet and network orchestration.


Storage is no longer limited to traditional physical disk arrays in a data centre and is now available through a plethora of low cost cloud services.

We can design and implement effective storage solutions, advising on the optimal locations and services for data storage to ensure availability and security whilst maintaining cost effectiveness. We can also migrate your data across storage platforms and services.

End – User

End-user devices comprise desktops and laptop PCs as well as mobile devices. Those organisations with a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policy may have a vast array of device types and brands accessing their network. With many staff now able to work outside of the traditional office network, these end user devices can be considered an entry point into your environment.

We can configure standard operating environments across devices with effective security policies, such as endpoint protection and data loss prevention, to protect your users and data. We also understand how critical it is that users can use their devices their way and we’ll work with you to strike the balance between security, usability and mobility.

Conferencing/Meeting Rooms

Conferencing room hardware can be as simple or complex as you like. Depending on your requirements and room sizes you might be satisfied with a simple USB camera or desire a more complex solution, incorporating Microsoft Teams, multiple cameras and wireless table microphones.

We can help determine the optimal equipment setup for a meeting room, taking into account the room layout, intended use and expected user experience, to ensure your teams stay connected and can work together no matter where they are located.

In addition to conferencing equipment, we can design and supply innovative voice solutions that seamlessly integrate with the room and your network.